Shooting when the light and action is right!!



Regardless of what my intended subjects may be I am a stickler for shooting in the best light conditions as possible. Also, if action can be included in the scene I will go to great lengths to add this wonderful secondary interest point. Of late I have been shooting on a great project that allows me the luxury of having a diversity of subject material. Since I thoroughly appreciate a varied subject selection the constant change keeps me on my toes and ready for about anything the country can throw at me!! Hope you enjoy the following images as much as I enjoyed taking them!!




Panning a javelina on the run!




Cow dog after a workout.




Wild swans at sunrise and 24 degrees!




Working dog and loving what he does!




Work hands with enthusiasm!!




A fine athlete! 




Eyes in the sky!! I would hate to be a wood rat and in the open with no place to go!!





Nothing like ending the day with a shot like this! All images taken with a Canon 1D Mark IIN and a Canon 500 F4 L or Canon 400 F5.6 L. All photos hand held.

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. oooo i love the doggie pictures! and that first one is what reminds me of “Wyman Light” !!!! and only you would be at the right place at the right time to see a big ol’ buck jumping a fence!!!! love this post!~

  2. Wonderful pictures (especially enjoy the cow dogs).

    Anxiously awaiting the release of “Working Dogs of Texas”


  3. I couldn’t agree more with Gregg. Very anxious too!!!

    😉 Inge.

  4. hell man my house dog would catch a 4 weight yearling in a pen show me some dogs getting rough on some stock that aint still sucking on their momma

  5. Being a hunter, I have to wonder how many people realize just how many hours it takes to get a shot like the one you took of the buck jumping the fence at sunrise/sunset. Awesome! I bet that felt like a great success and took much patience.

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