Wolves roam the rolling plains of Texas once more


Back in the summer a fellow gave my youngest son a pair of 4 month old wolves. I suggested that Pate not take them with the reasoning that the wolf way has evolved after some 1 million years of refinement. In other words, he will not be able to realize his plan of turning a wolf into a hog hunting dog! After about a month Pate announced that he was tired of the wolves chewing up his headstalls and bridle reins and that I could have both critters. So I am the owner of two Canis lupus and have come to appreciate them as the incredibly intelligent creature that their are. Neither are penned up and the male, Bo, has been neutered. Suzie, the female, is beautiful and very shy to all except me. I can catch and scratch her at almost any time however the male is more reticent and will not allow anyone to touch him. Neither have ever offered to bite and always come to meet me with wagging tails and a grin.

Dry dog food is always available 24-7 but they prefer a skinned wild hog or a pair of jackrabbits to the dog food. I try to kill a couple of 40 lb hogs every three days to keep the wolves happy and sedentary.


Enjoy the pics of Bo and Suzie, two Canis lupus who bring the fragrance of wildness back to the rolling plains of Texas, almost 100 years after the extermination of their ancestors…


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  1. Amazing Wyman; beautiful creatures! Hope they will have a long and happy life with you!


  2. OK… you are now the L. David Mech south of the Red.

    If your howling wakes up Sylinda, its time to rethink this experiment! hee hee

  3. AWWW I love Bo Bo and Suzie!!! I’m sure glad you didn’t have to get some live food for them while we were there! 🙂

  4. I am extremely excited that you have a blog now Wyman! I am excited to get to see your work more often, I miss the emails I used to get from you with all of your pictures form the previous week! Hope all is well and tells Sylinda hello!

  5. Jalys,
    It’s good to hear from you and please have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Jalys,
    Good to hear from you too! I will try to keep some images coming!


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