New Book – Inspiration Texas Style

Inspiration Texas Style

Hey Everyone!

The new book, “Inspiration Texas Style”, is now out for purchase. It features a fantastic introduction by icon Texas author John Graves as he describes his sentiments on our Texas. The body of work includes my own images paired with quotes from Texans as they describe what the state means to them.

“Inspiration” is the first title published by our new company Badlands Blue Star Publishing, a collaborative effort between my wife, Sylinda and our friend and fellow photographer Jerod Foster. Jerod was also the chief designer on this body of work.

Signed copies of the book can be ordered by going to my web site:


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  1. Hello Wyman!

    You probably would not believe how often I think of you and our brief intersection in life. The early 70s at TTU were a mental and emotional challenge. Come to think of it… those dust storms made it a physical challenge TOO! ha Breathing was hard at times! ha

    Meeting genuine folks like you made all the difference! I’ll look forward to following your blog. I’m now 57 and going on 58 and the memories become more nostalgic as the days go by. The visits to Benjamin are among my favorite!

    Write often. I’ll be reading.



  2. Oh… BTW… after shooting Canon all of my life, I switched to a Nikon D300 and covey of Nikkor lenses. Can’t really say why I did… maybe it was just to see what it felt like to mount the lenses backwards! ha I’m not disappointed (fantastic piece of gear), but don’t think I’d been disappointed with a good Canon either. I don’t have your photo ops but enjoy what I can burn pixels on. I may have switched to Nikon for a short experiment, but I sure didn’t vote for Obama! Some convictions you just don’t forfeit! :>)



  3. Hey, Wyman! I just wanted to say hi! Believe it or not I miss your class!

  4. Hey Angel!
    Good to hear from you! Hope you are well and shooting lots!


  5. Wyman,
    I love your new book! I loved reading the quotes along with the images. I am looking forward to taking your workshop this summer at Cibolo Creek. I hope it’s still on. I get to count it as graduate hours for my master’s degree.


  6. Hey! Really good stuff here 🙂 Cheers.

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